Tatonka Materials

185T Polyester PU

185T Polyester PU - The tent outer material is coated fourfold with PU on the inside (water column 8000 mm). The light polyester material has proven itself to be UV and faderesistant. As the fabric does not absorb any water, it doesn′t stretch in damp conditions either.


190T Nylon Taffeta

190T Nylon Taffeta - This very light and waterproof fabric made of 70 denier nylon is pleasantly soft to the touch and is mainly used for capes and rain covers.


190T Nylon Taffeta JPU

190T Nylon Taffeta JPU - Our light tent floor material made of 70 denier nylon has a very thin, high quality PU coating with a water column rating of 8000 mm. This material is used for the light nylon tents.


190T Ripstop Nylon W/R

190T Ripstop Nylon W/R - The water repellent fabric made of 70 denier nylon is particularly breathable. Horizontal and vertical stronger threads (Ripstop) also give the fabric a higher tear strength, which makes it an ideal inner tent material.


210 DEN Nylon Oxford PU

210 DEN Nylon Oxford PU - Light, robust Oxford fabric made of 210 denier nylon yarn.


210T Nylon Ripstop

210T Nylon Ripstop - A very light upper fabric with fine Ripstop look and pleasantly soft to the touch. With PU coating on the inside, it has a water column of 2000 mm.


210T Nylon Taffeta PU

210T Nylon Taffeta PU - Tightly and fi nely woven, relatively light tent base material. Fourfold PU coating, with a 10,000 mm water column rating.


30 DEN Nylon Ripstop W/R

30 DEN Nylon Ripstop W/R - The 30-Den-Ripstop-Nylon material is light and breathable. Water resistant, it ideal as an inner tent fabric from the nylon series.


420 HD Honey Cross

Cross over fabric between our established Cross Nylon 420HD and a Honeycomb Rip-Stop fabric. Higher tearing strength due to rip stop yarn and waterproofed with PU coating.


420 HD Nylon

420 HD Nylon - The classic 420 denier polyamide (nylon) material is unbeatable in its uncompromising quality. It has proven itself as a good basic material in its high density (HD) grade which can be used for a variety of products. The 420 HD denier fi bres provide a high level of tear-resistance and the material is waterproofed with three coats of polyurethane.


450 HD Polyoxford

450 HD Polyoxford - Soft and fi ne polyester fabric made of 450 denier yarn in an Oxford look, which is mainly used for rucksacks.


50 Year Warranty

We are that confident of the quality of these products OSA BRANDS will extend the Tatonka Warranty to the original purchaser for a period of 50 years.


65/35 Polycotton PU

65/35 Polycotton PU - As an additional protection against wetness the 65/35 Polycotton material is double coated with PU on the inside. At TATONKA the fabric is used for tarps. With a water column < 1300 mm this material may not be DIN waterproof. When wet the cotton actually swells up and closes up the weave, making it waterproof.


7001/6061 Multipole

7001/6061 Multipole - The aluminium pole from the 7001/T6 alloy is assembled using different pipe strengths to achieve an optimal distribution of tension across the pole arch for large family tents. In the vertical, non-curved area poles with a 15 mm diameter ensure high stability; in the curved sector the poles have a diameter of 13 mm.


7001/T6 Aluminium

7001/T6 Aluminium - These anodised tent poles made of the 7001 aluminium alloy in T6 hardness combine the positive qualities of high breaking strength (brittleness) and optimum stiffness (form stability) in equal measures.



AirMesh - This is a particularly breathable, three-dimensionally structured material composite. A fi ne mesh-weave forms the basis of the inner side, and vertically-arranged fibres provide airy spacing to the contact layer, a rougher mesh fabric. Air Mesh ensures quick-drying and plenty of refreshing circulation air during all outdoor activities. TATONKA uses Air Mesh on rucksack hip straps and for back panel padding.


Cordura 100 DEN Dobby

Cordura 100 DEN Dobby - Lightweight fabrics needs thin fi bers, strong fabrics needs durable fi ber. So far the application of the 100DEN CORDURA was consequent only. But by using the PU-Silicone coating we have even increased the tearing strength by another 20%.


Cordura 500 DEN

We are using the classic CORDURA- fabrics made from INVISTA high tenacity, air-jet textured nylon 6.6 in 500Denier and 1000Denier. CORDURA© brand provides fabrics that are recognized for their long-lasting durability and resistance to abrasions, tears andscuffs and is more durable than other fabrics. No matter the application, CORDURA- fabric offers a superior strength-to-weight ratio, making it a first-choice for durable fabrics.


Cordura 700 DEN

Cordura 700 DEN - The latest development by INVISTA gives us the chance of a relaunch for the brand CORDURA. By using the new 700DEN fi ber we combine the advantages of high abrasion resistance and tearing strength of the 1000DEN fabric with the lightweight of the 500DEN version. TATONKA is using this development as one of the fi rst brands worldwide. Last not least TATONKA has worked with INVISTA consistently on the new version.


Cross Nylon 420 HD

Cross Nylon 420 HD - The most innovative 420HD has high tearing strength and water impermeability by its triple PU coating. The typical optic comes from different surface of the thread in weft and warp.


Dermizax EV (100% PA)

Dermizax EV (100% PA) - The technical 3-layered material achieves absolute maximum values with regard to water-tightness (water column 20,000mm) and breathability (MVTR value 16 000g/m). TATONKA jackets and trousers made of this material are suitable for outdoor activities under extreme conditions.



eVent - The technical 3-layer material with the membrane developed by the company eVent achieves absolute top values in terms of water resistance (water column 30,000 mm) and breathability (MVTR value 25,000 g / m2). The outer fabric made of 100 % nylon is highly resistant to wear and tear.



Neopren - Impact-resistant, waterproof and stretchable laminate material with a high heat insulation capacity. At TATONKA this material is used for flexible small parts and laptop bags.


Nylon 6.6 Ripstop Silicon

Nylon 6.6 Ripstop Silicon - An extremely tear-resistant and light tent fabric from our high-end series. The material′s excellent properties are achieved by using a very high quality base material (Nylon 6.6 Ripstop) reinforced with multi-layer silicone coating (three times on the outside and twice on the inside). This makes it virtually impossible to tear this waferthin material with your bare hands! 100 % water-repellent, as it is silicone coated on both sides (1500 mm water column).


Rugg Tex 11.1

Rugg Tex 11.1 - Rugg Tex is an extremely resistant, visually attractive polyamide fabric, which has outstanding mechanic properties. The material has a high wear and tear resistance and its PU coating also make it water-repellent. At TATONKA Rugg Tex has many different uses, e.g. for trekking rucksacks, daypacks and shoulder bags.


Scandium Light

Scandium Light - The entire line of TATONKA high-end tents is equipped with our new Scandium light-weight tent poles. Scandium is a chemical element that is added to aluminium alloys to dramatically improve material characteristics: breaking strength is up to 20 % greater than that of the conventional 7001 alloy, and Scandium poles are up to 30 % lighter than the 7001 aluminium poles, but are still just as strong! Flexural strength until permanent deformation is up to 8 % higher than conventional flexural strength ratings, which is particularly important for tent stability in strong winds. These poles are also treated with an extremely hard, smooth coating, ensuring a long service life and easy handling. In addition to the new material characteristics, the newly developed insert connections with tapered end pieces (swaging system) are significantly stronger and more break-resistant than conventional insert systems.


Snow Crust

Snow Crust - Robust fabric made of shiny 420 denier polyamide yarn. The permanent PU coating makes the Snow Crust material waterproof. The attractive fabric is used by TATONKA as a main or secondary material for different items.


Stainless Steel 18/8

Stainless Steel 18/8 - Pots, pans and tableware made of rust-free 18/8 stainless steel are exactly what the changing demands of an outdoor kitchen need. 18/8 stainless steel is highly robust, durable, food safe and can be cleaned very well.



T-Rip - This lightweight fabric comes with the same weaving structure but more heavy thread as T-Rip Light. This technical fabric is used in small and medium size packs, where weight reduction was the main focus in development.


T-Rip Light

T-Rip Light - Ultra light fabric with innovative PU / silicone coating through which the 210T fabric also achieves a higher tear strength with a lower weight than heavier materials. TATONKA mainly uses the T-Rip Light for smaller to mediumsized rucksacks.



T-SoftShell (91% PA, 9% EL) - The light-weight, 2-layered SoftShell is a polyamide/spandex material with a brushed inner side. It is used by TATONKA for lighter SoftShell jackets.


T-Spun Rip

T-Spun Rip - This innovative development by us combines tradition with technology. The cotton like touch and optic is even more defi ned by the two side applied wax. But the used polyester shows its benefi t and good performance in terms of weight, abrasion and softness.


T-Tech Weave

T-Tech Weave (93% PA, 7% EL) - A robust,light-weight fabric with a UV-protection of +30. At TATONKA it is used for hard-wearing clothing.


Tarpaulin 1000

Tarpaulin 1000 - Robust tarpaulin material made of 1000 denier fabric with smooth surface, which is mainly used for bags. The polyester fabric is coated on both sides, absolutely waterproof and easy to clean.


Tarpaulin 420

Tarpaulin 420 - Lightweight Tarpaulin based on 420Den fabric with a smooth PVC surface. Due to the coating on both sides the fabric becomes waterproof and easy to clean. We use TP420 for cosmetic pouches.


Texamid 11.1

Texamid 11.1 - This textured 1000 denier nylon warp-andweft weave results in an extremely wear and tear resistant material. A permanent PU coating ensures a high degree of water resistance. A special production procedure makes this material pleasant to the touch. Texamid 11.1 is meanwhile being used for bases of rucksacks, bags and for reinforcement points.


Texamid 5.5

Texamid 5.5 - Textured 500 denier nylon yarn. The warpand-weft weave results in a high quality material, which as well as good wear and tear properties is also lightweight. A permanent PU coating ensures a high degree of water resistance. The material is pleasant to the touch and has a soft surface. With its balanced properties it is very versatile and is used as a main material.


Textreme 6.6

Textreme 6.6 - The textured polyester material made of 600 denier threads is robust, colour resistant and versatile. The PU coating makes it weatherproof.