Nikwax - Easier, Safer, Drier

Nikwax were the inventors of breathable WaterBased re-proofers.

The benefits of the Nikwax WaterBased technology:

Nikwax is easy to use
It's simple to apply. For instance, for clothing just use in a washing machine on a normal wash cycle. Garments do not have to be tumble-dried to activate water repellency and there is no need to wait for a clean, wet garment to dry before waterproofing with Nikwax.

Nikwax is safe to use
It's environmentally safe. No chemical solvents. No Fluorocarbons. Our products are non-toxic, non-flammable and do not expel fumes which means Nikwax products do not contribute to global warming or ozone depletion. Products are not tested on animals and the packaging is recyclable. Nikwax is safe for you and the environment.

Nikwax keeps you dry
Our WaterBased products offer higher concentrations of waterproofing agents than aerosol products… up to 5 times more concentrated. Nikwax doesn't require heat to activate water-repellency, unlike fluorocarbon products, therefore works even on garments that can not be tumble-dried. Prolongs the use of gear and keeps you dry and comfortable in wet weather.