EXP products by TATONKA are made for real expeditions // For extreme tours through challenging and wild terrain, such as, for example, through the Yukon Territory in the far northwest of Canada on the border to Alaska - an expedition that we are already planning for next year. But before we set out into the complete wilderness with our EXP products, we want to test the products first. Our choice: a three-day
"surveying winter" tour through the Julian Alps at the beginning of November.

Our "Expedition Triglav" leads us through the Triglav Lakes Valley up to the highest mountain in Slovenia.
We can expect lots of high-altitude climbing, but also spectacular scenic contrasts. In the smallest of areas, you’ll see everything ranging from soft meadows and idyllic mountain lakes to rugged rock ormations and dry Karst plateau. We already have pretty specific expectations of what to expect in the Triglav National Park – but when we get there we are amazed. It’s even better than we had anticipated. At this time of year the motto for the Julian Alps is: expect the unexpected.